It has certainly been interesting watching the Mary's Sofa inbox over the past month or so, and seeing nearly 40 entries to our open script call clock up. 

When we threw out the invitation for you to send us scripts for 'Black Shorts', we were not, if I'm being completely honest, entirely sure what we'd get in response. The end result was surprising. And after the deadline passed, the five of us shut the door and settled down for a lengthy session of deciding between the good, the not-quite-so-good, and sometimes the downright bizarre. That's not getting started on the pieces that we as a team had written ourselves!

After starting at about 19:00, we had just passed hour five when we settled on the final piece and parted ways. In a strange twist of fate, when we contacted the writers of the pieces we'd selected, it turns out that one of the pieces we'd been laughing the hardest at actually turned out to be the work of someone we knew, writing under a pseudonym. I'd say "it's a small world", but then I'll just get that damn song stuck in my head all day. 

We're now well into rehearsals, as you'd undoubtedly guessed by this point. If you'd like the chance to see 'Black Shorts' before the Fringe starts, then you're in luck! We'll be doing a two night run at Friargate Theatre in York on June 23rd-24th. If you decide to come, you'll also be able to see both shows back to back for the bargain price of £5.00/£4.00 concessions (including students!).  Just give the Box Office a call on 01904 613000  Monday to Friday. Since I run that Box Office anyway, you've got an extremely high chance of having a conversation with me as well, for no added cost!

We're also part of the line up for June's Cabaret in the Basement, at Basement Bar, at City Screen York, along with Aimee Ryan and the Littlemores. As a regular audience member, I can say that it's always a good night, and there are usually free biscuits as well. How can you possibly lose? 

- Becky (Marketing & Publicity)